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The Tribe @MuffinMuttsBakery

Updated: Feb 14

Welcome to our Blogging World

Hey, welcome to our page. As you can see from our picture below, we have a wide range of sizes in our tribe running from the wee Chihuahuas to the more gigantic land seal and a couple of medium ones in between. We do not discriminate here lol.

While the care and well-being of our tribe is ALWAYS front n center in our world, we also note that many of you as well, feel just as centered and in-love with your four legged family members as we do. So, with this in mind, we start this blogging journey and welcome you to tag along for the ride.

We are always looking for the best toy, clothing, suggestions, ingredients [we are a Dog Treat Bakery], humor, ideas etc to help ensure our tribe lives their best life.

We are looking, watching and learning from this group of lovable creatures and hope that you can relate to our stories about life as a pawrent.

As a side note, we also have two very cute and adorable bunnies who add laughter inside our own, and sometimes chaotic, piece of paradise.

Here's to a wide range of topics, funny stories, and daily life living with the MuffinMuttsBakery Tribe. Hope we can help to add a bit of positive laughter into your world, plus perhaps help make your pawrenting adventures a howl ! See what we did there - howl -dogs - get it lol

Be sure to check out our shop over at

Contact Us if you have any questions or think of a topic you'd like us to write about

Kathleen Elizabeth & Crew

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