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The decisions we have to make when we love a pet

It happens at a pace which feels like lightening struck. We find and bring home our new family member. They become so much more than a four legged creature that enters our world and brings upon an abundance of smiles and love. They share our journey, the good and the bad. They help us heal in moments when life knocks us down and they add to the fun and adventures that life also brings. They become our friend, companion, movie buddy, reason to venture outside.

Next thing we know, the years have flown by so fast, that we now enter the moments where we must say goodbye.

Saying goodbye is such a heavy task. Even if the moment arrives with us already realizing it is approaching, we still feel the loss.

Three days before Christmas 2023, we found ourselves saying goodbye to our beloved shepherd, Hope. Looking back now I know that she knew. She spent the day with her humans, going back and forth between us and making sure she was never alone. She was ready, but I wasn't. I remember thinking maybe she was just overly tired that day, maybe she would perk up in a bit and start playing with the other pups. I decided to take a bath, soak away my sorrows I suppose but in reality I was trying to remove my heart from the moment and buy some more time - after all, I couldn't drive her to the vet if I was in the tub.

I soon realized my decision to wait was for myself, and not for her best interest.

I knew I did not want her to suffer,

I knew it was time to have her checked over.

I knew she depended on me to take care of her, right up till the end.

At the vets, they found the tumor. It was growing rapidly and now was impeding her ability to take in deep breathes.

More decisions ... she was ready. I knew it,

But how do you say goodbye to the one who arrived mere months after my mom died, bringing so much love and happiness back into our lives. The one who added the muddy pawprints on the windows that made us all laugh and allowed our hearts to heal.

There were so many decisions to be made.

Such a long, heartfelt conversation with her vet.

So many tears.

She passed away so peacefully.

So loved.

But, more decisions had to be made.

Do we take her body back home and bury her in the field where she once ran free. Do we cremate her and bring her ashes back home


Do we allow them to keep her ashes and settle for a pawprint.

Do I call all the kids now and let them know.

Or do I wait until I'm ready to say the words out loud. It's Christmas, the kids 1st Christmas without their dad who passed away 4 months ago.

Decisions, in the moments of sorrow are so hard to make. But. we make the ones that are right for us, for them.

I've had many conversations since we lost Hope. I've hugged many friends who are also saying their own goodbyes to their beloved pets.

So many people making these hard decisions for our fur babies who become a huge part of our families.

I hope you are kind to yourself during the decision making process. I hope you remind yourself that your feelings matter, that your grief is valid and important.

And that it all means you are one lucky human to have been loved by a pet.

In memory of our beloved Hope, we have added a few #peturns to the MuffinMuttsBakery online store website to help our customers in their moments of decision making.

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