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Our Story

In 2020, we started researching dog treat ingredients and took a long hard look into how we could make smarter choices as to what we consider to be a good choice for our beloved pets. We knew that, realistically, we would not completely stop giving them treats, cut back maybe but not cut out. 

So, with that mindset we researched healthier ingredients that would take away a big portion of the guilt we felt when we offered them a treat or two. We knew we wanted to make better decisions, and more so, we wanted to be in more control of what actually went into the treat itself. 

So, in 2022 we opened MuffinMuttsBakery.

We bake all our treats ourselves, use only natural and organic ingredients and pride ourselves knowing we add no extra sugar. We run an Online Only Store which allows us to keep prices reasonable as our overhead is lower. We've opted not to keep any baked goods in stock but instead bake the treats based on the orders received. This ensure the treats are fresh when you, the customer receive them.

In 2023 we decided to branch out and offer more than just treats. You will find a wide range of products available within our on-line store. Be sure to check out the wide selection inside our Shop

Don't forget to drop us a line and let us know how we can help you with your selections. Or simply to say hi - we love to hear from other dog loving people.

Much love,

Kathy, Brian and our tribe

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